Banish troubles from your minds and dive in absolute peace and relieve in our family oriented spa.

The Finnish sauna

It’s the hottest and driest one from our saunas with a temperature about 70-100°C. That is a
great place for fast and effective body detoxification and comfort.

Steam sauna

This procedure type is an Old Rome-based where a blood heating system was used for
firing. In this cubby is a change of ideal body cleaning.

Infrared sauna

Including lower temperature (45°C) it’s appropriate for persons who badly tolerate hot water.
This deep warmth stimulate muscles and organs, by increasing body temperature assure
active access of blood. Infrared sauna is very comfortable doesn’t charge.

Kneipp foot bath

This alternate bath in cold and hot water is a balm to lower extremities. The basis includes 2
swimming pools of 30 cm deepness and temperatures 10-16°C and 40-45°C. After 30-60
seconds patient passes through one pool to the next one and by this procedure he
vascularizes the lower extremities and decreases its feeling of tiredness.

Opening hours Mondays – Saturdays from 16:00 – till 20:00. In Winter season (7.1. – 31.3.), Summer season (16.6. – 15.9.), TOP season (25.12 – 7.1.) and Easter 1x admission/ 60 minutes included in the price of accommodation.

Extra entry during opening hours 10,-/per person – per 60 minutes entry.

Individual entry out of opening hours 20,-/per person – per 90 minutes entry.


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Apartmány Čerešňový sad