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Cherry Garden

Cherry Garden Holiday Resort in Mengusovce, High Tatras

Our Story

I don’t think my early ancestors’ s stories are unique or somehow special. They lived in this sub – Tatras region and for years they farmed not very fertile fields. Their everyday life was tough and burdensome. One thing is certain for sure that the family members cooperated and helped each other to their best. What is surprising on historic photos their life is pictured idyllic.

I loved to come to Mengusovce village from my early childhood and I looked forward to each hiking trip to the High Tatras. As a little boy, I spent a lot of time here and done crazy fun staff like little boys in a village usually do.

I remember once something went wrong. And it kept being wrong for a long time. Our father left the farm to study. Then he chose to live differently and so he changed 100 – year old life cycle there…

Later on, we stopped to visit Mengusovce for some reason, farm real estate values were depth more and more in bankruptcy and our father decided he will make things right again. He contrived the project that is in effect gradually. It was just right after the end of socialism.

Gradually, the same as a painter launches his first brush touch, a new painting arose. The painting was retouched a few times but the base layer remained the same. Conjoined living with conjoined yard fulfilled with fruit trees and bushes. Place where all can gather together, where they can dive into own thoughts and private lives. A bit of everything, laziness, peace and relieve our ancestors didn’t have.

And the greatest joy with kids playing around.

Lubo Šoltis

Peace and quiet, relaxation and unlimited sports and social events…

Surrounding nature, forests and stunning scenery promise to have unforgettable moments.



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